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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune PC Download | Highly Compressed 2023

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune [PC Torrent 2023]


In the saga of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is the first title. Naughty Dog developed the game. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) published it exclusively for PlayStation 3.

The game released in November 2007. The title was in phasing development for two years, as Naughty Dog’s other section of developers focused on the action-oriented franchise.

Drakes Fortune basically follows the story of Nathan Drake. A young fortune hunter who is in search of hidden treasure and secrets of El Dorado. The game hints he is a descendant of the Explorer Sir Francis Drake. Moreover, Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Torrent is a third-person action-adventure game. Gameplay follows a perspective which is linear and cinematic. The game proceeds with the help of a journalist Elena Fisher and Drakes’s closest friend and possibly a mentor Victor Sullivan who guides him all along his journey.

Download Uncharted Drakes Fortune


Gameplay Mechanics:

Download Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune revolves around very linear and tactical gameplay. It is based on run and gun third-person mechanics with a covering system. The players used this to avoid enemy attacks and maintain health.

The game’s emphasis is on parkour-oriented movements like giving players access to do free jumping, perform agile dodging, swimming, and moving along ledges. The gamer uses this to navigate further in the ruins.

Moreover, players acquire a very unique set of arsenals. Weapons including heavy guns such as Ak47, M4, Shotguns, and a vast variety of handguns. In addition to this, the unique part of gameplay is treasure hunting. It gives players a sense of semi-open world experience. By doing so players can unlock trophies.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Storyline:  

The story of the young fortune-hunter begins on a ship. He is out there with the help of a Journalist Elena Fisher.

The objective is to locate the lost coffin of Sir Francis Drake which Nathan successfully does. Soon after some pirates assault them. However, shortly after some tense shootout,  Victor Sullivan rescues them.

After that encounter, they basically transverse in search of El Dorado. The lost city of gold is full of mysteries.  Gabriel Roman assaults the characters. He is an elite treasure hunter who sabotages them and leaves them a bit of clueless. But Drake’s never-ending passion drives him to keep moving. So, he ventures into the unknown for secrets. The chapter pacing of this game is linear in fashion. It has a semi-open world feel to it. There are a total of 22 chapters.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Development

Naughty Dog basically combined their talented developers. They focused on making this title under codename big. The emphasis was on creating a new IP with a fresh and interesting take on action and adventure.

Inspirations were taken from the movies like Indian Jones and National Treasure.

The game has been a great competitor to Tomb Raider of Square Enix. It had a lot of similar themes but felt fresh in their own universe.

The official soundtrack of the game was composed by Greg Edmonson, one of the talented composers. The soundtracks featured 21 tracks that were released digitally and on discs.

Download Uncharted Drakes Fortune

To this day Uncharted Drakes Fortune has received a lot of praise. Its linear and statuesque design makes the game cool. While on the other hand, decent gameplay sets interest of the action-oriented storylines.

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Verdict

Uncharted 1 pc download is simply a game for action-oriented genre lovers. The gamers who are keen to notice solid and fluent gunplay. Most importantly, it is filled with an incredible production value of the title.

It not only gives incredible visuals but also gives an unforgettable story for gamers. The players experience coherent characters with their own sub-plots in the game.

With this Uncharted Drake’s Fortune PC is a must-play PlayStation Exclusive Title. It is a really good start to this franchise for the gamers who are new to this IP.

Full PC Game Available Here: UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune PC Full Game

The ventures in the ruins, the isolation of the jungle, and the horrors in the bunker. Nathan Drake’s adventures never end and will continue…

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