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The Last Of Us PS3 is basically a TPS: Third Person post-apocalyptic storyline game. It revolves around the surviving remnants of humanity developed exclusively for PlayStation 3. The game later remastered for PlayStation 4 with a capped frame rate of 60FPS for a better and smooth gaming experience.

The slated genre of this game is, “Survival Horror”.

The Last Of Us Download PS3 developed and created by a section of Naughty Dog. However, the other section focused on another action-oriented exclusive called Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. Its publisher is Sony Computer Entertainment. (SCEA).

The game released on June 14, 2013, in all countries except for Japan where it got released on June 20, 2013. The Last Of Us PC got built on In-house engine Havok (Physics). It highlights praises by critics for its graphics, gameplay and a very engaging storyline with memorable characters

The Last Of Us PS3

The Last Of Us PS3 depicts apocalyptic stricken United States. The title basically is a cinematic experience. It covers the story of survivors Ellie and Joel as they go through the wasteland and ruins. They work as a team just to travel all across the country in hopes to find a cure for this monstrous deadly fungal plague. It turned all the inhabitants into dead meat roamers and wiped out the entire human race.

Due to the current situation and turmoil, multiple factions take over the wasteland. At one end there is military and on others, there are survivors. But they don’t know there is something else lurking in the shape of the infected creatures. Amidst this chaos Joel and Ellie march forward.

The Last Of US Gameplay Mechanics 

The Last Of Us Torrent as stated earlier is basically a third-person shooter title. It gives player’s access to heavy arsenal like Handguns, Shotguns, Hunting Rifle, Repeaters along Hunting Bow. This weapon is used for a stealth approach. Stealth is really an immersive point and crucial in this game. Players can use a cover system by crouching behind objects to avoid enemy attacks. Player switches between Ellie and Joel at some point in-game to navigate further in the storyline. However, the best thing about the gameplay is crafting. The player can craft and make ammunition and upgrade the arsenal for heavy firepower by finding crafting parts all over the game. The engaging gameplay and subordination between Joel and Ellie create a bond between them and its benefit’s in combat mechanics.

Chapters The Last Of Us PS3

The storyline depicts a linear fashion. The game is basically divided into four sagas – like four seasons, all for sagas/seasons includes a number of chapters filled with action-packed and heart-wrenching experience. Each seasonal saga begins with a handful amount of time skip which totally highlights the drastic change in environment such as a change in scenery.  Moreover, it is affecting Joel and Ellie’s relationship. As the dynamic duo is continuing to survive together putting all the adversaries aside. Therefore the saga which didn’t feature any seasonal change was the beginning prologue of the game. That means it basically takes place 20 years before the main base events of the game.

The Last Of Us PS3

Downloadable Content (DLCs) 

The game delivered fans multiple benefits. It had pre-order gifts along with it too such as:

  • Official Game Soundtrack developed by Gustavo Santaolalla
  • A beautiful ground-breaking PlayStation 3 Dynamic Menu Theme used for XMB main menu.
  • PlayStation Network Avatars
  • Ellie’s prequel chapter, “LEFT BEHIND” a DLC which revolves around Ellie’s past how she survived the epidemic.

In addition, a survivalist pack was introduced and added in the game support which basically included all special edition gifts including:

  • Bonus XP
  • Melee Attack Boosters
  • In-Game Currency used for enhancing the weapons.

There is more to come, in the shape of skins as Bonus costumes for Joel and Ellie.

You may experience the game here The Last Of US 


The Last Of Us is PlayStation Exclusive and on the greatest hit of its time. It is still revolving around the lives of gamers as they are being aware of exclusive titles. But unfortunately, there is no The Last Of Us PC version. Naughty Dog delivers the best experience to players and it is a must-play title. As we are thrust in a lawless world, asking our morality that what is right and wrong. But we do what needs to be done just to survive in this painful world. Moreover, it is a linear adventure. It gives players almost 15 hours of the cinematic gameplay experience. Although depending on the players’ difficulty level it delivers a very beautiful yet sad picture of humanities fall.

But the tale didn’t end yet because Ellie is out there for revenge.

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