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Roblox home is an online game creation system. It allows the user to design, and build a new game. The user can also play the game created by someone else. It is an online game platform. David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded it in 2014. Roblox studio download was released in 2006. This platform is useful for converting user-created games into programming language Lau. The user can create games of different genres. Although,  it is a small platform as well as a company that lost in a crowd due to the lake of interest of the co-founders.

roblox home

The game was not common in 2014. However, It rises in the game world in 2016. It is a small platform as well as a company that lost in a crowd due to the lake of interest of the co-founders. It is free to play. The user also purchases items with currency.  The currency is known as Robux. The number of active users is more than 160 million. No doubt, Half of the users are under the age of 16 years.

Download Roblox Studio:

Roblox sign up allows the player to create their own game by using the engine. The other user can also play the newly created game. The games are build-up with the object-oriented programming language. The Lua is used for setting the environment for the game. Game passes help the players to purchase content for one time only. As well as, the user gets “developer products” more than once. The children developed twenty million games by using this.

Roblox Items and Currency:

roblox ui

It allows the user to create and sell virtual items. As well as he can purchase them to design his virtual character. Any player can buy clothes, but every player can not sell them. The admin can also sell body parts and other items. The user can create items and earn money only if the player has experienced. The currency is Robux that helps to buy items. The player can change Robux with real-world money.

Events and conference of developers:

It hosts real-time and virtual events. Some past events such as BloxCon were hosted for ordinary players of the platform. It also hosted an award ceremony that works as a fundraising campaign. The platform also hosted a movie show and operates for Easter Egg Hunts.

It also hosts conferences. It can be for three days or less. The meetings were such as in London and San Fransisco. The motive of the meeting is to update the content writers for upcoming changes.

Roblox Related Games:

The related games are as follows:

Adopt me:

It is a multiplayer online game that is particularly, based on an adopted child and his parents.


It is a cops and robbers game that has its scope in the game world.


It is a multiplayer game. It is the first game that has one billion total viewers on the website.

Natural disaster survival:

It is the most popular game based on natural disasters. The game maintained its scope among the game worlds.


It was released as an episode. The style of the game is like storytelling while the theme of the game is survival horror.

Work at a Pizza Place:

It supports teamwork. It works with the team to fulfill orders for the customers.


The gaming platform received positive reviews from all over the world. Firstly, The “Common Sense Media” gives it 4 out of 5 marks. They Praise their game design and creativity mode. Due to the creative mode, Kids learned many things about the game. Secondly, The Family Online Safety Institute advised the parents about monitoring the child while they use screens. Otherwise, they liked Roblox download windows 7 and all the features. Trusted Review gives plus points about it. They said if anyone wants to learn skills and polish their science of computer must use this platform.

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the game. Because of this situation, many players start playing the game. Hence, the game earned more revenue. the number of players also increased day by day. Above all the situation, the developer announced the game as a fundraiser for the people who are suffering from COVID-19.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel i3
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: Geforce GTX 570

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