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Bubble Bobble Online Bubble Shooting PC Game Latest Version

About the Game:

Bubble Bobble is an arcade game. Taito is the developer and as well as the publisher of the game. Romstar distributed the game in the United State. Moreover, Electrocoin distributed the game in Europe. Further, it is a single-player and multiplayer game. The Bubble Bobble free is about Baron, his brothers, and their girlfriends. Baron kidnaps his brother’s girlfriends and turns them into dragons. The dragon names are Bub and Bob. That is why they want to save their girlfriends by covering 100 levels in the cave.

bubble bobble game

The goal of the game:

The main goal of the Bubble Bobble download is to rescue Bob and Bub’s girlfriends from monsters. It is a long series of the game. Gradually, the levels of the game become hard to play. Therefore, the player needs to show some skills to complete the game.

Bubble Bobble Online Gameplay:

The player controls Bob and Bub. They both try to defeat the enemy and get extra points. There are 100 levels of the game. Gradually, the Level becomes hard for the players. The game focuses on cooperative mode for two players. In the Bubble Bobble game, a player controls two dragons. The player moves freely and as well as he can fall and jump up. Especially, the player covers long gaps. The player can not scroll left or right. You just can see on the limited screen. However, there is a gap in the bottom so the player can fall. In addition, he can repair himself at the top.

The player faces the enemy that can be more than one. The player kills the enemies to move on. He traps the enemy by a pop-up bubble. If the player kills them, he gets some points as a reward. Some time food appears to the player. He eats it and gets more points. Importantly, The player can jump on the bubble and also moves to the area where he cannot go. There are many other options for attack. The player can attack with light, water, and fire.

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Furthermore, the player touches a free moving enemy so he loses his one life. The free enemy can be a bottle or rock. The big enemy comes and tries to stop the player. He moves in directions so the player cannot play more and lose his life. As enemies come and go, they only disappear if you kill them or you move to the next level of the game. In the last level, the Boss comes and competes with the players.

Bubble Bobble Download Features:

The Bubble and Bobble online game series are perfect Arcade game. It is a version of a Coin-op classic. The game contains 100 levels. It supports one and two players at a time. Also, the game features the classic platform of the sequel Rainbow Islands. The player can enjoy the game on Ps4. The game has cooperation ability. The game is full of fun. Hence, It is the greatest game of all time. The game consists of good gameplay and the digital soundtrack. Also, the design of the game attracts them. The player collects the Words “EXTEND” and move to the next level.  Magic items are also part of the game. These items give some extra abilities, but they appear for some time. If you catch them early, so you can use it later.

bubble bobble game

Further, the player gets extra points when he kills or eats any food item. Bubbles appear in the game and make the game attractive. Bubble and Bobble show family bonding with each other. Players see how brothers survive and united with their families. They all did live happily with their family.

Non Ending game:

When two players start playing and complete the level with ” Happy Ending”. In this mode, the two brothers escape from the cave and turn themselves into a human. They save their girlfriends and start a happy new life with family. Besides, this ending includes a code. This code helps the player in fast playing and provides a “Super” mode. After that, a new feature comes that is Super Drunk. In short, the game has no end. The game contains multiple endings. The last level is a single-player mode. The player plays till the end and completes the last level. He sees a note that stats the game is not completed. Also, there is a hint of playing more with another player.

To download the game please click here: Bubble Bobble Free Download for PC

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